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    Today we are very proud to release UTC Holidays, finally! We kept UTC Holidays in.finally!

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    Today we are very proud to release UTC Socotra, finally! We kept UTC Socotra.finally!.

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    With our new company pages we want you to meet the UTC YEMEN team and the support crew. Check it out now.

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    We are proud to announce the next milestone: Our online booking is released. Let's have a closer look at it.

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Inbound Tours

outboundUTC is attentive to Yemen's cultural heritage and architectural preservation and since many years dealing with worldwide..

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Socotra Tours

socotra-toursThe beautiful island of Soqotra is about 3625 It is a very unique and interesting island. This was opened for tourists...

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Tours We Offer

  • Land-Tours

    Excursions are done with Toyota land cruisers, 5 or 4 pax per car, equipped with air-condition and ice box. Rarely, we use buses because in the country we have very small roads which go up and down in the mountains and some roads even not asphalted.   We can use the buses only for big groups coming to Sana’a for a few days only and for any short excursions in Sana’a and back. 

  • Desert-Tours

    …… Here are the roots of Arabia, where the desert sands of Khali begin to crawl into the mountains. Here the rain waters run of the mountains converting in rich Wadis. Here the Yemenis began to tame the water and created dams, the most famous being in Marib.Ramlat al Sabatain..Southern part of empty quarter in Arabian peninsula between Marib, old Shabwa and Seyun (Wadi Hadramout).

  • diving-toursThe Red Sea is an old waterway where Egyptian Stelae and Turkish shipwrecks reveal the rise and fall of empires. It is considered one of the best diving areas in the world and the stunning coral reefs in the southern extremes of the Red Sea. 
    Around the numerous islands scattered along the coasts of Yemen offer some of the most abundant & varied marine life in the world.
  • Triking-ToursYemen offers some of the best opportunities in the world for trekking, especially in the mountains north-west of Sana'a. There, the distances between villages are short, a few hours on foot at most, plenty of picturesque and stupendous views, fascinating landscape, open-minded and helpful people. 
    Areas best for Trekking : 1 - Haraz  2 - Jabal Maswar  3 - Shaharah region.
  • sea-tours

    This part of the country consists of islands scattered along the coast of Yemen. There are 120 islands, most of which are located in the Red Sea. The biggest islands are Kamaran, Greater Hannish, Minor Hannish, and the rest of Archipelago, Zaqar, Zubair, AL-Tayr and the strategic island of Meon at the Bab Al-Mandeb. In addition there are islands located in the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea, the largest of which is Soqotra.

  • Hostrical-Tours

    Marib became the capital of the Sabean Kingdom after the building of the dam at Wadi Adhana, the Kindom reigned here from the V – C B.C. to the Century A.D.   Ruins of temples and old palaces are scattered across the now desert landscape which was once the green Arabia Felix.The temple of Bilquis, the queen of Sheba and the temple of the Sun were witnesses to a great civilization that three thousand years ago began here.  

  • Special-tours

    This area includes the coastal plains overlooking the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea. They are connected to each other forming a coastal strip that extends from the Oman border south- westward to Bab Al-Mandab. This strip then changes its direction northward to the borders of Saudi Arabia, thus making it more than 2400km. long. The width of the plains ranges from 30 to 60 km.

  • camel-racing

    It is one of the old favorite sports for Arabs and of course Yemen, as Yemen the origin of Arabs.  The traditional horse racing is one of the Qarnaw festival events and this event considered the first in the Yemeni desert, and there are plans to establish a "Desert Marathon" for horse and knights soon where competitors has to pass 42.2 km. The winners in the current race will be awarded as well the long race of 80 km.

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  • ugcSince its establishment in 1983, Universal has had its attention firmly focused on the pulse of travel. We started out as a small travel agency in Sana’a to become, after a few years and lots of dedication, the most reputable fullspectrum travel & tourism establishment in the country.
  • HertzThe largest fleet of cars in Yemen with a wide variety of models equipped with the latest comfort & safety features.Hertz, the world’s leading car rental company, continues to deliver superb transportation services for over 90 years worldwide
  • yctaIssuance of international driving permits and Trip Tickets which facilitate driving privately-owned vehicles throughout several regional countries.Issuance of international driving permits
  • travelWe believe that your travel experience, whether for business or leisure, should never be spoiled by any disruptions. we made sure our clients’ time was highly respected and their travel arrangements are well looked after.