Service philosophy

    Zero Distance Services ---- Adopting stagnation point service approach, close to users, timely and efficient to provide users with comprehensive after-sales service

    Service purposes

    Customer-oriented, dedication, dedication, full-time full-time full-service professional services

    Service purpose

    1. To make users use Thai Airways products

    2. To maximize operating efficiency

    3. Improve user satisfaction

    4. Enhance the visibility and market share of Thai Airways products

    Service mode

    1.Stationary service

    2. Agent Services

    3. Cooperation services


    (A) the company made the user service requests made within 4 hours to reply.

    (B) service response time: 100 km 5 hours in place service; 300 km within 12 hours of service; 300-800 km (inclusive) 24 hours of service; 900-2000 km (inclusive) 36 hours of service in place; 2000 km 72 hours in place.

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